Doraemon Character Bouquet

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Dedicated to all the Doraemon fans, here's the beautiful and very stunning Doraemon Character Bouquet!

Featuring 6 unique Doraemon plushies, you can see Doraemon in four different theme stances, mainly a Doraemon carrying a Dorayaki cake, another one carrying a bouquet of flowers, one with a yellow brolly and alast - the original good old Doraemon by itself. 

Accentuated by a finish of beautiful soap roses in romantic blue, this bouquet is not just aesthetically charming but also practical in every other way.

Much time and effort has been spent on desiging this bouquet as we make sure the plushies are of the finest quality in pristine wraps along with beautiful finishing by our workmanship. 

The Doraemon Character Bouquet is certainly one of its kind, and it's aboslutely the perfect gift for all special occassion!

Grab yours now! 

Free gift box included for all purchases!


Directions of use: (Soap Roses)

For washing hands: Simply peel off 1 rose petal from the flower to soap your hands.  

For baths: We recommend using at least 30 rose buds to add to your bath water. In fact, colourful rose baths like this are perfect for mood during a honeymoon. 

For decorations: Simply peel off the rose petals one by one and scatter across an intended area. Usually, scattering is done on beds, proposal grounds or for a bathroom to induce a romantic atmosphere. 

The essential oils in the rose flowers leaves a natural fragrance on the skin and will be a beautiful decoration to your bathroom, kitchen or office.

Our rose soap flowers contain antiseptic properties.

Gentle to the touch and dissolves easily when come into contact with water, it is similar to the usual handwashing liquid found commonly in our homes.

The ingredients used in our rose soap flowers contains natural vegetables, essential oils, flowers and butters. 

For quality control and the aesthetics of the roses, each of our soap flowers are composed of 15 pieces of petals to make 1 single rose bud only. Our range of rose soap flowers are eco-friendly and have passed CTI certification for personal use. 

How big is this bouquet?

This item (bouquet inside gift box) measures 52cm in length, 20cm wide and 15cm in height. 

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